Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] August 9: Cressanda Solutions Ltd, a prominent India-based company founded in 1985 and publicly listed on BSE, specializes in delivering cutting-edge Information Technology (IT), Digital Media, and IT-enabled services to esteemed projects within Indian Railways. It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of Mr. Arun Kumar Tyagi, Mr. Chander Prakash Sharma, Mr. Vijay Solanki, and Mr. Rajkumar Dinesh Masalia to its Board of Directors, effective August 7th, 2023.

Board of Directors appointment

  • Mr. Arun Kumar Tyagi has joined the company as Joint Managing Director and Executive Director
  • Mr. Chander Prakash Sharma has joined as Independent Director and Chairman of the company
  • Mr. Rajkumar Dinesh Masalia has assumed the role of Executive Director at the company
  • Mr. Vijay Solanki has joined as the Chief Technology Officer and Non-Executive Director

Mr.  Arun Kumar Tyagi has joined Cressanda Solutions Limited as Joint Managing Director and Executive Director. He brings with him a wealth of experience in the Media and Entertainment Sector, with a proven track record of fortifying the companies top and bottom lines. With a career spanning over two decades, Mr.  Tyagi has exhibited a deep understanding of Marketing and Advertising, with notable achievements in Media – Sales, Buying, and Planning. His visionary approach and result-oriented mindset have led to the successful establishment of renowned brands such as 361 Degree Entertainment and Media Pvt. Ltd, Sunflower Marketing & Advertising and Whitelion Entertainment Pvt Ltd.  Having previously held positions at esteemed media conglomerates including Times Group, Jagran Prakashan, and Reliance ADA Group, Mr. Tyagi’s most recent role was with Reliance ADA Group.

Prior to Reliance ADA group, he served Group M as Director CTG (Central Trading Group). In this capacity, he oversaw group Media Investments while concurrently serving as the Business Head for the Group Multiplex Chain, Big Cinemas.  Under the leadership of Mr. Arun Kumar Tyagi, Cressanda is poised to elevate its core business of Media and Advertisement, particularly in its partnership with Eastern Railways and Kolkata Metro. His extensive industry knowledge and leadership acumen are set to drive immense benefits for the company’s growth and development.

Mr. Chander Prakash Sharma has joined Cressanda Solutions Limited in the capacity of Independent Director and Chairman of the company. With an illustrious background as a former Indian Government Executive, Mr. C.P. Sharma holds the esteemed title of having retired as Additional Secretary, Government of India. Notably, he has also served as an advisor for prominent entities such as UFLEX India and PAEDCO, a Japanese MNC, in a consulting capacity.

Mr. Sharma’s exceptional career spans over three decades, during which he has amassed a diverse array of expertise. From Commercial Operations Management and Indian Railway projects to Client/Stakeholder Engagement, Business Analysis, and Policy Formation, his repertoire is extensive and impressive. Having dedicated thirty years of service to Indian Railways, his invaluable experience and insights promise to make a substantial impact on Cressanda’s ongoing Railway project. As an astute leader, Mr. Sharma’s strategic vision aligns seamlessly with Cressanda’s objectives, poised to drive growth and innovation. His contributions are set to propel the company’s journey forward, drawing upon his seasoned wisdom and comprehensive industry knowledge.

Mr. Rajkumar Dinesh Masalia has assumed the role of Executive Director at Cressanda Solutions Limited. With an extensive career spanning over three decades, he stands as a seasoned professional in the domains of Financial Planning and Accounting. His wealth of experience in financial matters adds significant value, especially during this pivotal phase of the company’s growth trajectory. Mr. Masalia’s profound financial acumen arrives at a crucial juncture, aligning perfectly with the company’s expansion endeavours. His track record, adorned with successful financial advisory across various situations, promises to elevate the company’s decision-making processes and augment its overall value proposition. As Cressanda Solutions Limited propels forward, Mr. Masalia’s expertise is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s financial landscape and contributing to its continued success.

Mr. Vijay Solanki has embarked on a new journey as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Non-Executive Director of Cressanda Solutions Limited. Holding a degree in Electronics Engineering, Mr. Solanki brings with him a wealth of experience in cutting-edge technology, particularly in the realm of Transit Media, which enables live TV reception in moving trains. With an impressive track record spanning over three decades, he has been a key player in providing IT-enabled services to both Indian Railways and the Indian Army. Mr. Solanki’s expertise lies in the design and planning of networks, wireless systems, LANs, and WANs. His proficiency and in-depth knowledge contribute significantly to the Railway projects that Cressanda Solutions Limited is currently focused on. With his extensive background and technical acumen, Mr. Solanki’s presence as the CTO and Non-Executive Director is set to bring substantial advancements to Cressanda’s technological endeavours, reinforcing the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

With the addition of four new directors, Cressanda Solutions Limited has embarked on an exciting transformative journey aimed at innovation, expansion, and seamless integration of its technology portfolio. This strategic evolution enables the company to effectively cater to broader organizational prospects. These service contracts are anticipated to yield substantial long-term profits, while also fostering significant positive societal change. In pursuit of successful execution of turnkey projects, the company’s new iteration has forged partnerships with industry-leading collaborators and has assembled a team of highly skilled professionals boasting extensive domain knowledge. Over the past year, as a result of significant acquisitions, Cressanda Solutions has extended its horizons, positioning itself to become a major player in the corporate landscape with its innovative approach. Moreover, the company has taken steps to broaden its influence by establishing multiple fully owned subsidiaries.

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