Shri Bageshwar Dham Sarkar On The Bada Bharat Show

New Delhi (India), July 15: Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, who recently came on the Bada Bharat Show hosted by Dr Vivek Bindra shared some candid, funny and also a few serious stories from his personal life. Dhirendra Krishna Shastri also known as Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, is a revered spiritual leader in India. He has dedicated his life to spreading the teachings of Hinduism and guides individuals on their spiritual journeys. Shri Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, based in Bageshwar, Uttarakhand, has established a spiritual center and ashram. Through discourses, meditation sessions, and counseling, he inspires individuals to seek inner peace and live with integrity. He continues to inspire people on their quest for spiritual enlightenment and is regarded as a guiding light in the realm of spirituality.

The Poetic Introduction

Dr Vivek Bindra started the conversation by introducing Shri Bagheshwar Dham Sarkar in his own unique poetic way saying, “Jis umar mein bachche school jaate the, uss umar mein ye bhaag ke mandir pahuch jaate the, pariksha ke parchon mein bhale hi galti kardein, zindagi mein har ek ka parcha nikaal dete hain, ek waqt tha rehne ko ghar baar nahi tha aaj desh bhar mein darbaar hai, Hanuman Ji ke laadle, Bala Ji ka hai inpar upkar, Dhirendra Shashtri naam hai sab kehte hain Bagheshwar Dham Sarkar.”

Motivational Speech by ‘Maa’

Dr Vivek Bindra asked Shri Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Ji about his sweet smile, the reason and source behind such a soulful happiness, is it natural or is he camera friendly? To which Dhirendra Ji replied saying, “I live my life in a very joyous way, cameras have arrived just now but the smile was there since my birth but the main reason behind my smile is my mother, she used to say always keep a smile on your face when you go out, I was about 5-6 years old then but I still remember those words till now.” Dhirendra Shashtri Ji also shared a very important learning from his mother when he told her mother that he’s unable to take care of her, to which the mother replied, “ab tumhare darbar mein ya tumhare jeevan mein jo saamne aaye wo tumhari Maa hai, uski seva hi meri seva maan lo.”

The Story Behind ‘Siddhi Ki Praapti’

In his own grilling way when Dr Bindra asked Dhirendra Ji when exactly did he got the famous ‘Krupa Siddhi’ and how, Shri Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Ji told him an interesting story when he was about 9-10 years old and was going through a very tough time financially and emotionally, he went to his grandfather saying that you tell everyone about their future and well-being, why don’t you tell me where can I find lost the treasure to which his grandfather replied and asked him to come back in the night. When Dhirendra Ji went to meet him in the night, his Dada Ji held his hand asked him to shower properly and made him stand right in front of the Bageshwar Temple and a miracle happened, young Dhirendra Ji saw a pure bright light and something changed in him at that very moment, and his body started shivering, he cried and shouted to the light saying, ‘Aaj se tum hamare aur hum tumhare,’ considering that the light was produced by Lord Hanuman.

Shri Bageshwar Dham Sarkar aka The Cricketer

In addition to his cheerful demeanor, Shri Bageshwar Dham Ji finds joy in playing cricket during his leisure time. He enthusiastically takes part in the sport, showing his prowess as both a skilled batsman and a talented bowler, particularly when it comes to delivering googly balls. During a conversation about maintaining fitness, Dr. Vivek Bindra asked Shri Bageshwar Dham Ji about his preferred activities, leading him to reveal his deep love for cricket. He expressed his admiration for the legendary cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, sharing a cherished memory of a newspaper headline that read, ‘Aaj Dhoni ne phir dhoon diya’.

Biwi Ki Charcha & Parcha With Friends

Dhirendra Ji shared with Dr Bindra about the way he jokes with his close friends and the kind of funny conversations and jokes he cracks with them, one such funny joke that he cherished and told Dr Vivek Bindra was, “Jab hamare dost bolte hai ki aapki shaadi ho rahi hai, to hum bolte hain ki shaadi ho rahi hai so to theek hai lekin lafda ye hai wo tikegi kaise usse jhoot bol dena hai humein Parcha bana dena hai”.

Dharm Se Rajneeti Chalti Hai, Rajneeti Se Dharm Nahi Chalta

Citing the interview with Shri Manoj Tiwari Ji, Dr Vivek Bindra told Dhirendra Shashtri Ji that Manoj Tiwari Ji said that he’s ready to become the shield if someone tries to shoot Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Ji, Dr Bindra questions Bageshwar Ji if he ever feels that he should join politics to bring change in the society? Shri Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Ji smiled and said, “Karodo ka adhyatm 10 rupyaa mein kaun bahaye? Dharm Se Rajneeti Chalti Hai, Rajneeti Se Dharm Nahi Chalta. Dharam dand ke antargat jo raajneeti hai aur dharam dand ki jo aacharyasamhita hai usko follow karke raajneeti chalti hai, raajneeti ki aacharyasamhita ko kabhi dharam dand swikaar nahi karta, Baap Baap Hota Hai, Beta Beta Hota Hai.” He further added, advising the politicians that if you really want to become a great leader then it’s a must that you have a spiritual leader on your side for guidance.

Thoughts on Hindu Rashtra & Conversion/Ghar Wapsi

Dr. Vivek Bindra addressed the sensitive topic of Shri Bageshwar Dham Ji’s Muslim friends who had assisted him during his sister’s wedding, prompting a discussion about his stance on a Hindu Rashtra. Dr. Bindra inquired whether Dhirendra Shashtri Ji intended for his Muslim friends to convert to Hinduism. In response, the spiritual leader clarified that he did not advocate for such conversions. Instead, he explained that his vision of a Hindu Rashtra meant welcoming people of all religions to coexist in the country. He emphasized that a Hindu Rashtra aims to diminish caste-based sentiments, promoting inclusivity among diverse communities. He continued, “Hindu Rashtra humein kaagaz mein nahi logon ke dil mein chahiye, Hindu Rashtra ka matlab hai Bhagwan Ram ki yatra par pathar na feke jayein, Hindu Rashtra ka matlab hai iss desh ke aaradhya Prabhu Shri Ram ko kalpanik na bataya jaaye, Hindu Rashtra ka matlab hai sadhu santon par pathar maar kar unki hatya na ki jaaye, Hindu Rashtra ka matlab hai pracheen sanataniya sanskriti ka punah dhwaj gaadna aur uske prati logo ko modna.”

During the discussion on conversion, Shri Bageshwar Dham Ji emphasized the distinction between conversion and Ghar Wapsi. He expressed his disapproval of forceful conversions, which he saw as an act of forcefully converting Hindu brothers and sisters into other religions. In contrast, he explained that Ghar Wapsi represents a different concept entirely. It aims to bring back those who have strayed from the Hindu religion and reunite them with their rightful place. Shri Bageshwar Dham Ji firmly believed that all Indians, regardless of their location, are inherently Sanatani, and Ghar Wapsi is simply a way to call them back to their roots.

End Of The Most Candid & Fun-Filled Interview

In conclusion, Dr. Vivek Bindra expressed his gratitude to Shri Bageshwar Dham Sarkar Ji for his presence on the show. He inquired about Sarkar Ji’s experience and received a positive response, with Sarkar Ji describing it as the most candid and enjoyable interaction he had in a long time. Sarkar Ji expressed his willingness to return to the show in the future, highlighting the enjoyable nature of his experience.

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