New Delhi (India), June 1: This Global Running Day is just another day to celebrate the joy and goodness of running. Thanks to online platforms like CityWoofer, running is fast emerging as the most popular sport.

Fitness & wellness experts recommend running regularly to strengthen your whole musculoskeletal system. No wonder running has become an integral part of the lifestyle of practically countless people. Everybody knows about Mumbai Marathon. And who can forget the tremendous footfall in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in 2005 when it came out for the first time.

Sumeet Soni, the founder of CityWoofer, is a running enthusiast himself. He has many marathon runs to his credit. So did the idea of creating a ticketing platform come because of his running passion? He answers in a lighter tone, “CityWoofer represents the spirit of a city and helps people explore all those activities that they are keen to indulge in. Indeed, we have many marathon events listed on CityWoofer and have a huge following in the running community; but we also feature events and ticket booking facility for laughter shows, Open Mic events, and even business events like TiECON, TEDx as well.”

CityWoofer has become an undisputed choice as a ticketing and promotional partner for some of the region’s major running events and marathons. It recently hosted Tuffman Kasauli Hills Half Marathon and is bringing a Triathlon event in the Tricity for the first time with Tuffman. Tuffman is India’s premier endurance sports platform bringing Running, Cycling and Swimming events for sports & fitness enthusiasts. Tuffman’s founder Sanjay Mangla is an avid runner himself. Interestingly, he registered himself for a 100 km ultra-marathon in 2013 with just three months of training & founded Tuffman in 2014. “We have been hosting 11 Marathons since 2014 throughout the year at various beautiful destinations in India, which everyone desires to visit like Shimla (Mashobra), Goa, Leh, Jaisalmer, Manali, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Gurugram, etc. Tuffman & CityWoofer aspire to encourage people to explore their health and fitness passion by participating in the best running and sports event experiences.”

Amit Ahuja, an ultra-runner, a running mentor, and a fitness coach, praises CityWoofer’s initiatives candidly. “Platforms like CityWoofer create awareness about marathons happening in the region & even at faraway places. Taking part in run events strengthens your passion and makes you challenge yourself and go beyond the limit set by the mind.”

Paveela Bali, the head of The Run Club (Chandigarh), who organises The Saree Run on Women’s Day and Kid’s Run every year, applauds CityWoofer’s contribution, “CityWoofer has always supported our events and competitions by giving away attractive prizes to the winners. I am happy to see the running tribe growing through CityWoofer.”

The icing on the cake is that running is not a very costly sport. So if this motivates you to register for a running challenge, you can log in to to check the upcoming running events.