India’s leading perfumery brand unveils a curation of 12 fragrances designed for online retail only.

New Delhi, Jun 1: Scent is a personal journey, and discovering fragrances should give as much joy as wearing them. In a post-pandemic world, the way we wear perfumes has evolved — from occasional appearances, fragrances are now a part of our self-care daily routines. 

To make fragrance discovery more accessible and inclusive, Ajmal Perfumes, a globally known, homegrown perfumery brand with a rich heritage acquired through 70 years of experience, unveils ‘Online Exclusive Collection, a curation of 12 fragrances designed for the discerning and curious customer. The focus is to reveal the personality and the type of the perfume through its packaging and content categorization. 

Elaborating further on the launch of the Online exclusive line, Abdulla Ajmal, Perfumist and Business Mentor, Ajmal & Sons – NHA division, India, adds, “Through this novelty, we want to democratize the process of selection. You don’t need to be a pro to understand which perfume is your type. In the last two years, our teams have been in touch directly with our consumers, and one of the most frequently asked questions was – How do I know which is my perfume type? My teams worked with this brief. We have decoded fragrances into ‘what, when, and where to wear’ on the websites. Each fragrance of this 12-set collection is an extension of different facets of your personality. ‘Online Exclusive’ is truly a global collaboration; the product is manufactured in Dubai, using some of India’s finest raw materials ingredients and the best perfume expertise from Europe.” 

Elaborating further on the launch, Saurav Bhattacharya, President – Ajmal & Sons – NHA Division, India, adds, “Launching an exclusive Fragrance line from the House of Ajmal is a part of our’ Lifestyle to Pantry’ strategy to drive usage of fine fragrances as part of a daily regime, convenience consumption and, therefore, market expansion, we are activating the digital world. The online platforms, including the marketplace channels and our own direct-to-consumer website, help us bridge the gap between consumer needs and the easy accessibility of fragrances for a daily lifestyle regime. At this point, it becomes critical to understand our consumers’ consumption needs, especially the GEN Z and Millennials, to capture a share of their digital wallets and be able to offer products at accessible price points. 

There is a scent for everyone now accessible with Ajmal Perfumes delivering nationwide via their website – priced INR. 2100 onwards.

Ahead, 12 fragrances, part of ‘Online Exclusive by Ajmal’

1. Ajmal DAWN – (Citrus Floral)

Casual and calm, Ajmal Dawn is a refreshing unisex fragrance perfect for a warm summer day. It opens with citrusy notes of mandarin, bergamot settling into a white floral heart of tuberose and lily of the valley. At the base, sandalwood and cedarwood wrap a hint of musk.

Perfume type: Quiet & Easy going

When to wear: AM – Summer

2. Ajmal D’Light – (Floral Fruity)

Ajmal D’Light is an utterly stunning tropical fragrance that balances the freshness of fruits with the sweetness of a blooming garden. Joyful and vibrant, this fruity floral composition blends the softness of peony with uplifting lychee in the top notes. Rose and magnolia in the heart rest luxuriously on a base of cedarwood, amber, and musk.

Perfume type: Elegant & Daring 

When to wear:: AM – Summer

3. Ajmal Serenity In Me – (Amber Woody)

Glamorous and mesmerizing, Ajmal Serenity in Me is a feminine ambery woody fragrance that you wear when you are ready to be noticed. It opens with a splash of lemon and generous hints of refreshing cardamom. The heart reveals an opulent bouquet of roses before enveloping dry-down to elegant creamy wood, patchouli and vanilla.

Perfume type: Bold & Mesmerizing

When to wear: PM – Summer

4. Ajmal Sierra – (Aromatic Woody)

Ajmal Sierra is an enticing aromatic woody unisex fragrance. The rose and jasmine notes are surrounded by the freshness of sweet lemon and the velvety warmth of sandalwood and amber. Ideal for brunch dates and first meetings.

Perfume type:  Modern & Refreshing

When to wear: AM – Summer

5. Ajmal Dame – (Chypre Fruity)

Ajmal Dame is a modern take on the classic feminine fragrance. This bold mix starts off with a sparkling mix of bergamot and pepper and ends on an earthy green note. In an offbeat floral heart, you find geranium and lavender wrapped up in a veil of musk. The result is a dramatic courageous scent that helps you stand out in a crowd.

Perfume type:  Dramatic & Passionate

When to wear: PM- Summer

6. Ajmal Shadow Noir – (Citrus Aromatic)

Poised and charismatic, Ajmal Shadow Noir is a light, refreshing evening fragrance. The energizing top notes of bergamot and lemon nudge you to pause and refocus with every spray. The aromatic squad of jasmine, rose, coriander, and lavender strengthen the heart, while cedarwood and oakmoss give long-lasting elegance.

Perfume type: Sophisticated & Strong

When to wear: PM – Summer

7. Ajmal L’Eau Blu – (Aromatic Woody) 

An aromatic woody that opens with lively mint notes, refreshing lemon, 

and a tangy apple. The aquatic heart of jasmine, sage and marine notes 

on a base of patchouli, vetiver, and labdanum give a deep earthy 

experience of this invigorating fragrance.

Perfume type: Invigorating & Energizing

When to wear: AM – Summer

8. Ajmal Aristocrat Her – (Fruity Amber)

Powerful and stimulating but with an underlying softness, Ajmal Aristocrat is a mesmerizing feminine fruity, ambery fragrance. The regal floral notes of rose and jasmine mingle seamlessly with refreshing grapefruit and comforting plum to stir an olfactory storm. Enveloped in sandalwood and tonka beans, this spectacular Eau de Parfum is for moments when you hold attention.

Perfume Type: Discerning & Sensual

When to wear: PM – Summer

9. Ajmal Pure Power – (Aromatic Spicy)

Ajmal Pure Power is the scent of adventure and excellence with an invigorating blend of lemon, clary sage, bergamot, lavender, and pepper. This aromatic spicy fragrance has a delicious base of Tonka, cacao, and amber. It is recommended for casual wear.

Perfume Type: Adventurous & Curios

When: AM – Summer

10. Scarlet Bloom – (Fruity Floral)

Audacious and mysterious, Ajmal Scarlet Bloom is an alluring fragrance of love and romance. It blooms with the presence of mandarin, pear, red fruits, peony, rose, jasmine, patchouli, musk, and vanilla. This radiant fragrance is what you wear to let your inner diva shine.

Perfume type: Extrovert & Glamourous

When: PM – Summer

11. Oudh Crystalline – (Amber Woody)

Courageous and charismatic, Ajmal Oudh Crystalline is a bold fragrance for men and women that radiates with top notes of bergamot and red fruits. This opulent fragrance has freesia, rose and jasmine at heart. Musk, vanilla, and patchouli at the base lend the composition an addictive trail. Perfect for occasions when you want to dress up and leave a mark.

Perfume type: Flamboyant & Stylish

When: PM – Summer

12. Sonnet – (Floral Amber)

Passionate and chic, Ajmal Sonnet is a glamorous, self-indulgent floral woody fragrance. The top notes of bittersweet almond and refreshing bergamot slide into a cheerful heart of orange blossom, tuberose, and rose. The final finish rests on a rich base of sandalwood, vanilla, and amber. It is perfect for all occasions, easily transforming from daytime to evening wear.

Perfume type: Fashionable & Trendy

When: AM – Summer

About Ajmal Perfumes:

Founded by the Late Haji Ajmal Ali in the early 1950s – in Assam, India – the journey of Ajmal Perfumes is that of the story of ‘A Farmer to A Perfumer’. Thanks to Late Haji Ajmal Ali’s vision and unstinting dedication to the craft of perfumery, Ajmal Perfumes has grown from a modest trading house into a multi-million-dollar corporate entity. Today, Ajmal’s family-owned business – headquartered out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates – is steered by the passion of the second and third generations of Ajmal’s, each playing a pivotal role in the brand’s development and growth. In its entirety, Ajmal Perfumes is a brand with a rich heritage acquired through almost seven decades of experience and know-how in the intricate art of perfumery. A true innovator and a pioneer in creating and marketing perfume products to a global clientele. Our core values are Excellence, innovation, partnership, integrity and open communication. 

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