New Delhi (India), April 28: Altsignals has created crypto trading software, where users will be able to trade and get trading calls in 30-plus pairs in the BTC/ETH markets without touching the fences of RBI-regulated firms, while still following all rules and regulations.

Founded by Roderik Phimster and Bhavya Dhiman, Altsignals claims that being a crypto-to-crypto exchange and a software, People can safely and securely deposit and exchange their coins in markets.

There’s been a phenomenal increase in transactions in virtual digital assets,” Sitharaman said. “The magnitude and frequency of these transactions have made it imperative to provide for a specific tax regime.” By imposing the tax rate, crypto trading becomes official, and any threat of a ban is no longer a possibility.

You don’t have to sell your stock because the market is down. Simply transfer your cryptos to Alt signals, where you’ll benefit from faster deposits, lower trading costs, more than 30 trading pairs, and the most user-friendly platform, and daily calls.

Altsignals also provide AltAlgo Indicator

AltAlgo™ Indicator provides you a scanner which can compound & multiply the money from anywhere in the world. Instead of using complicated trading tools, the Altalgo system scans the market in real-time for you. It then simply shows at what price to buy and at what price to sell, the control is all in your hands.

Bhavya Dhamin says: With a shared vision of a digital-first economy, we see this as an incredible piece of work that AltSignals is providing. We are well positioned to promote improved understanding, ultimately accelerating the rise of Crypto acceptance in India, Altsignals are easy, and safe solutions.

Aside from that, Altsignals claims to offer several unique features for the active Indian crypto community, being one of the the first to establish APIs for algorithmic traders, and more.