Ok! Acquired, a Bangalore-headquartered investment tech firm has invested $1,30,000 in two startups. Ok! Acquired along with its board of Investors invested in one each working in EdTech and Non-fungible Token (NFT) Derivative industries. They have invested $1,00,000 in Uppskill, a Web 2.0 EdTech startup and $30,000 in Bliv.Club, a Web 3.0 NFT derivative startup.

April 19: A one-stop solution for top-notch investment management, Ok! Acquired is an Investment Tech company providing funds for web-2 and web-3 startups. With a mission to provide individuals with an alternative source of passive income, Ok! Acquired allows firms to invest in businesses without having to go through the hassle of searching, analysing and evaluating them.

Founded by the Jha brothers, Subh Jha and Sujit Jha, Ok! Acquired is a one-stop platform for those who want to buy or sell companies from any part of the country.

The investment tech firm has created a robust platform for business owners in sectors like real estate, IT, food, construction and agriculture, both startups and small and mid-sized, to list their businesses with all relevant information along with documentation that substantiates their existence. The efficient team of Ok! Acquired audits the documentation and makes it visible on their platform under specific industry lists for interested investors all around the world.

Ok! Acquired focuses on providing transparent investment opportunities for all investors and solely operates as a mediator. And the best part is, the firm has no business interests other than the fees it charges for its services, which is again very nominal.

Wondering how the platform works? Read on!

If you’re looking to raise capital for your startup, Ok! Acquired is the right platform for you. With a primary focus on providing seed funding to web-3 startups, Ok! Acquired has been able to support a number of visionaries who believe in a future powered by Virtual Digital Asset. Their team of in-house investors are driven by the basic principles of integrity, trust and loyalty.

Besides, Ok! Acquired also facilitates buying and selling of digital assets, businesses, companies and firms on their platform, this facilitation makes them India’s first digital marketplace for buying, selling, investing and raising capital.

If you’re a buyer, you just have to set up your account on Ok! Acquired. It would take hardly a minute to set up your account on the platform. Once it is done, you’ll get to explore the best-listed deals for you from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs. After making an informed decision, close the deal.

If you want to sell your company, all you have to do is set up your account, which would just take a minute, list your business and get the best deal.

The highly efficient team constantly advocates for budding entrepreneurs and startups and gives them full-spectrum assistance for the company’s success. Their aim is to help decrease friction in the greater tech ecosystem by providing tactical support.


  • To assist thousands of small investors in channelling their excess funds into expanding businesses, resulting in a consistent passive and active income potential.
  • Being an Investment Tech firm, they assist investors in obtaining their goals without the need to hire a lawyer, accountant, or merchant banker. Ok! Acquired takes care of all these services.
  • Ok! Acquired is India’s first digital marketplace where business owners can easily buy or sell their company and raise funds in the form of debt and equity.

“Here at Ok! Acquired, we wanted to create a unique digital marketplace for startups and small and mid-sized companies, where they can buy, sell, invest and get funding for their business. The mission was to build a digital platform where individuals can buy and sell their companies from any part of the country. You can easily set up your account on our platform; the process is very simple. It would hardly take any time. After setting up the account, we will get the best deals for you and voila!”, said Subh Jha, co-founder of Ok! Acquired. 

Co-founder Sujit Jha stated, “My brother and I created this robust platform where business owners, be it budding entrepreneurs or small and medium enterprises, can list their business with relevant data. Our team will audit the business and make it visible on our platform under specific industry lists, i.e., real estate, IT, food, construction and agriculture. This is an amazing platform for raising capital for businesses as we act as a mediator between the companies and investors. What sets us apart is our charges, well, they are very nominal and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.”

Wrapping up, Ok! Acquired is the perfect space for you if you’re on the lookout for buying, selling, investing or getting capital for your business. So, find the best deals for you and your company in just three simple steps.

Website link: https://okacquired.com

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About Ok! Acquired

Ok! Acquired is an investment tech company whose mission is to create an alternative passive income for individuals by investing in businesses that interests them without going through any hassle of searching, analysing and evaluating them. Business owners, both startups and small and mid-sized enterprises, list their businesses with all relevant data and details along with documentary proof that subsequently gets audited by the team of Ok! Acquired. The companies get visible on their platform under specific industry lists for investors across the world. Ok! Acquired also focuses on transparent investment opportunities for all investors. It acts as a mediator and has no commercial interest apart from its mediating fees, apart Ok! Acquired also acts as the platform for start-ups to secure funding.

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