Surat (Gujarat) [India], April 15: One can achieve the impossible as long as he has the passion, the drive, and the focus. One person who has all these qualities and many more is Viral Desai, a successful industrialist from gujarat who is now better known for his passion and love for nature and for his various initiatives of environment protection and ecosystem restoration. He is surely achieving what an overwhelming majority can only dream of.

Being invited to deliver a talk on the famous TED Talk platform is the latest addition to Viral Desai’s long list of achievements. Viral addressed a large number of students and youngsters and other speakers at the Pandit Deendayal Energy University in Gandhinagar from the TEDx Talk platform.

Viral told the audience that the threats of climate change and pollution are very scary and now the time has come, each and every citizen will have to join the Satyagraha against Pollution and Climate Change. Each an every individual can play a role of a ‘Paryavaran Senani ‘ and save our mother India and contribute to our mother Earth. He added that concept of Satyagraha against Pollution movement is inspired by the Satyagraha initiated by Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

“To be honest, I had never thought that my work in the field of environmental conservation would lead me to be speaking from the TEDx stage. I consider this as a recognition of my work and efforts and an achievement for me,” Viral told the audience as a part of his talk on the topic ‘Diary of a Greenman’.

Viral is among those individuals who strive for excellence and success.

“For me, success means setting personal benchmarks and improving them. And despite any challenges and failures that come along the way, I strive to achieve what I had set out to,” the multiple award-winning entrepreneur and environmental lover said further.

As a part of his commitment to conserving the environment, Viral has supported the plantation of more than 1.60 lakh trees at places across south gujarat. His unique environmental awareness campaigns include the Tree Ganesha celebrations and green crusader cars. He is behind the transformation of Green Udhna railway station designed on theme of ecosystem restoration and climate change. Green Udhna railway station is a unique and 1st theme based railway station in India, Asia and the world, more than 3,500 plants known for their ability to produce a large amount of oxygen have also been planted at the station and the station also has a special sparrow zone. The Udhna station also has the 1st Urban forest of Indian railways, on 19,000 sq ft of land more than 1,400 native tree species have been planted by the Miyawaki method. The ‘Shahid Smriti Van forest of Udhna station is dedicated to the martyrs of Indian Army. He has also been instrumental in completing the 1st phase of transformation of Green Udvada railway station and creating more than three urban forests in Surat.

TEDx Talk is a grassroots initiative and a popular platform for noted personalities from different fields to present great, well-formed ideas.