Maverick Entrepreneur Ledian Agallijaj – Born for ballet or just privileged ?

February 3: Ledian Agallijaj was born on April 30, 1984. He is an Albanian ballet dancer. Well, Ledian’s ballet career started with the support of his parents, Pëllumb Agallijaj and Domenika Ndreca, who are two very famous Dancers. Both parents are famous and well known figures at home and around the world. His father, a fine teacher of ballet from Azerbaijan was even honoured twice with the Award of the Republic of Albania. Ledian Agallijaj’s mother continued her ballet career till her late 50s.

Considering that Ledian was born in a Rich, established and privileged family and thus making it easier for him seems a tall claim as ballet needs practice, patience and hard work. He started practicing ballet from his childhood. He was born with a special and rare talent and sharpened his skills with the time. His parents played a vital role in making their son A professional ballet Dancer. In Azerbaijan Ledian is known as Ladio Agaleu, he studied at the Baku Choreographic school from 1994 to 2001. Also Ledian has been a part of various TV shows and holds a position of the ‘best Dancer’ prize at the “Chbukiani-balanchine” International Ballet festival held in Tbilisi, Georgia. Ledian was named the first soloist in a private company le ballets persans in Sweden and has debuted in many performances for two years. At the Royal theatre in Stockholm he performed continuously for 5 years in a row as soloist.

Shortly after this success this ace entrepreneur and dancer performed as the first soloist in a private company “Le Ballets Persans” in Sweden. Just one year later he also performed as the first soloist at the “Royal Theater” in Stockholm. His performance was highly appreciated and loved by all the people quite a lot of people so much that he performed there for five years in a row. In 2007 he returned home performing simultaneously as the first soloist at the Opera and Ballet Theater in Tirana, as well as the first soloist of the Orange Ballet Troupe on Top Channel Albania television. He has been a star performer in many TV shows like

  • “Elegance”.
  • “Dancer and pedagogue P.Agaliaj speaks from Azerbaijan”. (Archived from the original on October 29, 2020.)
  • “Son and ballerina, celebrities who also had ballerina mothers”.
  • Cha “Chabukiani – Balanchine Festival” (in English).
  • “Dancer Ledian Agalliaj leaves Portokalli’s troupe?”

Recently the wizard entrepreneur has also started classes for people and he is very actively sharing lots of content in his instagram. If you wish to learn from this brilliant Entrepreneur, how to sharpen your skills and take on the world you can follow him of his Instagram here.

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