Moti Jewels Palace All Set For New Year Vibe With A Glittering New Collection

New Delhi (India), December 29: Moti Jewels Palace (MJP) is all set to welcome Delhiites to a festive looking store and add a New Year feeling with a sparkling collection of Classic designs and one of a kind Collection.

Deep symbolism of elegance and personal charm, the MJP collection is designed to make the season of giving more meaningful, unique, and featured heirloom-quality handcrafted jewelry meant to be cherished from one generation to another.

For more than a century, Moti Jewels Palace has evolved into a name synonymous with artisanal craftsmanship, intricate design, unparalleled finesse, and exquisite beauty. MJP celebrates the joy of the season with its showrooms all decked up to spread the festive season’s charm and warmth with its customers with huge discounts and offers. MJP believes that the new designs are a great way to be celebration-ready. You can deck their charming MJP unique handcrafted pieces with the lovely Christmas tree for the perfect elegance. Customers can complete their holiday outfits with MJP exquisite jewelry to mark the undying spirit of celebration.

“With the arrival of the festive season, we look forward to celebrating this joyful and special time of togetherness with our customers. We feel humbled to be a part of their lives and hold a special meaning in the time of their celebration and happiness. By extending the festive discounts to our customers, we want to allow our customers to take home the latest designs and love from Moti Jewels Palace with them.” said Mr. Shaurya Jain, Director of Moti Jewels Palace.

Established in 1857, MJP has continued the tradition for 6 generations of crafting art pieces that resonate with patrons with impeccable tastes for hand-crafted, pristine quality designs by traditional virtuoso artisans in accordance with the client’s needs and specification. It has served a global clientele, including Indian and International Royalties, visiting dignitaries like Ambassadors and Heads of States, Hollywood celebrities, and renowned dynasties.

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