Mumbai (Maharashtra) August 30: Nahyan Haissanar has won the Young Innovation Award 2020 for his innovations in automotive. This young automotive enthusiast studies bikes and cars on the internet and watches videos to understand their applications better.

The Young Innovation Award recognizes young and talented minds who take their curiosity ahead, driven by innovative ideas. Organized to identify and encourage child prodigies, these awards get thousands of entries from across India every year. The process of determining the winners involves identifying the calibre of the candidate across various categories like curiosity, entrepreneurial traits, innovative thoughts, ideas, personality development, emotional intelligence, and so on. Nahyan was selected, keeping all the categories in mind. The calibre he showed at such a young age impressed the judges. “Nahyan is very confident at what he does. He knows what he knows, and he also knows what he doesn’t know. That is very important at this stage. I have seen a lot of child prodigies fail later because they stopped learning new things. Nahyan is different. His constant urge to learn new things is what makes him a rising star fit for this prestigious award,” one of the judges said.

Currently, in Class 8, Nahyan started showing interest in automobiles from a very young age. “He was always interested in learning new things about vehicles”, his mother said. “He kept experimenting with his toy cars first, and then with his cycles and ATVs later. Today he is so good at what he does that everyone in our family trusts him even to open the engines of their expensive cars and bikes! The other day, one of his father’s cars had a weird noise coming from it. He just heard it for a few seconds and immediately identified what was wrong. He solved the problem in 5 minutes. Even the engineer from the car company was impressed with Nahyan’s skills”, she proudly added. This young automotive enthusiast knows his cars and bikes inside out. Ask him anything about them, and he will have an answer ready for you. “Whenever I see a new car or bike, the first thing I do is check its engine and performance reviews on the internet. There are so many types of engines, and people ignore them. I watch videos of new automobile releases all the time. I then go and tell everything about it to my friends in school!” Nahyan said. His teachers at school first recognized his love for automobiles. They saw this young automotive enthusiast often talk about vehicles and the science behind them with his peers. His interest in physics, too, grew because of his love for how automotive work.

Nahyan dreams of being an F1 racer when he grows up. He is a loyal fan of car racing shows and never misses an F1 race. His favorite F1 car is the Red Formula1 racer, and his favorite bike is the Black Ducati Devil. He has a Ducati Scrambler at home, which he loves. When we asked him about the best thing in the Scrambler, he said, “It’s speed, and stroke is the best!”

This passionate and immensely talented young champ is also a football fan. With the hope of meeting his favorite player, Messi, one day, Nahyan exclaims that, like racing, football is a fast game, which is why he loves it so much.

Like all other teenagers of his age, Nahyan loves playing mobile games too. But he also spends time playing with animals that he meets in the neighborhood. His mother described many incidents in his childhood where he took care of animals when hurt, fed them, and nurtured them. This quality in him of loving nature while loving technology keeps him grounded and helps him grow at the same time, his father said. Nahyan also likes to click photos of nature. Like automotive, he knows his cameras perfectly well too.

“I wish to become an F1 expert one day who not just drives cars but also knows how and why they are so fast!” Nahyan said. With this young automotive enthusiast’s powerhouse of talent, it will be interesting to see the wonderful contributions he brings to India’s automotive journey in the coming years.

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