New Delhi [India], August 5: Mental Health was proven to be one of the most talked-about topics of 2020. This could be mainly attributed to the global pandemic and its unfortunate circumstances. However, out of all the solutions that were suggested to help with this, there was one that proved to be one of the most effective – ‘Meditation’.

A lot of people, understanding the benefits of meditation, started to indulge them in the practice. Some were guided, while some weren’t.

However, even though meditation was proven to be an excellent tool to help with a person’s mental state, it is difficult for people to inculcate a habit to practice quality meditation and hence to see substantial changes in their mental framework on a day-to-day basis is again tough.

This is where the Black Lotus meditation app came into the picture. Black Lotus is an application that was designed specifically for people who seek to make meditation a part of their lifestyle. The app aims to change the way you look at the world, which changes how you process information, which changes the way you tap into your higher states of consciousness. The app brings lasting, profound changes to your life while reaping the benefits of intense meditation.

Built by Om Swami – a tech entrepreneur turned monk, and an international best-selling author, Black Lotus uses a scientific framework called RARE – Reflect, Act, Reinforce and Evaluate. The Black Lotus app goes beyond simple meditation and engages the user in different actions and acts of kindness throughout the day. The app deepens the practice by complementing meditation with daily kindness and mindfulness acts, with habit-forming support. Sprinkled throughout the day, a user is supposed to spend 15-17 minutes maximum in their daily journey to become an expert meditator and achieve a higher sense of consciousness. The app has impacted over 2 million people across the globe. 32 million minutes of meditation has been clocked into the app and over 250,000 impact stories.

Indian Chess Grandmaster Vidit Gujrathi, India rank 2, is a devoted user of the app, and he says that he noticed that whenever he felt low, a story about a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) would put him in a positive frame of mind. “I think there are scientific studies that say even if you observe an act of kindness, it also evokes the same emotions in you as you would feel if you did the kind act yourself. That’s what I noticed in myself. Then I started using guided meditation on the app and managed a streak of 180 days.”

The Black Lotus app features guided meditation sessions that include:

  • In-depth guidance about how to meditate correctly and hurdles in meditation.
  • Breathing exercises
  • Yoga Nidra, great for sleep
  • Users’ stories of their encounters with everyday kindness.
  • Humor at the completion of each day.
  • Ability to maintain a habit of meditation

In India, meditation is still in the realm of spirituality and not in technology or business. Black Lotus app brings the best of both worlds to ensure a meditative lifestyle in the hands of the modern Indian audience. The app provides purpose-specific meditations and comes with goal packs that are particularly geared at achieving one outcome at a time. The Black Lotus app also has a separate program for students and working professionals.

As part of the Black Lotus annual celebrations, the application has also announced a special limited period offer for the month of August 2021, where users can access the premium content for free by using a special code NOW while registering on the app.

The need for intense meditation is only going to increase as the stress levels of the outside world increases. So if you are looking to make meditation an extensive part of your lifestyle and are prepared for intense practice sessions, Black Lotus might be the way to go. So that you know, the next time, you are neither a misled soul nor a misguided meditator.

You can download the Black Lotus app at