Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], May 20: The film industry has seen many amazing concept-based movies and many producers give opportunities for these unique ideas to appear through the big screen. Jeegar Chauhan, the producer-writer of the Gujarati Film Industry is all set with his new film ‘Dhaundhaar’. He has been working to make this film happen for some time and the shooting was done in all the thick and thin. Dhuandhaar is all ready for the big screen and the entire cast has been waiting for the film to release alongside the audiences.

Jeegar is the producer of the movie Dhuandhaar. The cast involves artists including Malhar Thakar, Hiten Kumar, Netri Trivedi, Dimple Biscuitwala, Alisha Prajapati, and many more known faces. This film has been directed by Rehan Chaudhary. The movie poster release was released earlier with a lot of reaction from the audiences. The expectation is high keeping in mind the cast of the film.

While talking to Jeegar he mentions, ‘Finally Dhuandhaar is all set to be released for the audience to experience a new theme. I am hoping to get a varied reaction from my audience, keeping in mind the amount of hard work everyone has put into the film. I am also coming up with another movie which will be directed by Rehan Chaudhary and almost the same team will be locked for the film. I am glad I was able to lock a total of 4 movies to date Kesariya, Dhuandhaar, one with Rehan, and one more project after I finish these.’

In this pandemic, people are looking for ways to get entertained and a new film can be a way to escape through the hard times and emotion-packed environment. Dhuandhaar has been worked on for a very long time and viewers will have some gala time watching the new release soon.