Goa, [India]: An event that is predicted to become a paradigm of the pageantry world – The Goel Ganga Miss Fab National Finale is scheduled to be held on 26th March 2021 at Goa. Goel Ganga Group Miss Fab Nationals Finale will see a pinnacle of beauty, elegance, and talent as city-level winners from various Indian cities will be vying for the coveted national title. Divided into three categories i.e., Miss Fab, Mrs. Fabb, and Mr. Fabbtheir would-be contestants from Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Bhopal, Indore, Chennai, Delhi, Raipur, Kolkata, etc. To make the contest interesting there would be surprise wild card contestants as well.

The avant-garde Goel Ganga Miss Fab National Finale will be a 6-day extravaganza, with the contestants staying at a luxe sea-facing venue in Goa. There is a myriad of activities planned for the contestants in these 6 days besides training and grooming. This 6-day spectacle is sure to transform the lives of the contestants and apart from preparing them for the finale show, will instill in them an added confidence which will be an indispensable asset for life. The Miss Fab organization believes in creating holistic winners, who would want the contestants to carry this enriching 6-day experience of the national finale for life. The assortment of activities planned for the participants of the Goel Ganga Miss Fabb National Finale contest is sure to make them out-and-out winners.

A brainchild of Yash Bhuptani and Vaishali Varma, Miss Fab has always been synonymous with empowering women who want more from their life. Miss Fab believes in creating role models for society and changing the perception of men and women. Miss Fab originated with the intent of providing a seamless stage to women and instilling unmatched confidence in them. With umpteen requests from the pageant’s loyal followers, the categories of Mrs. Fab and Mr. Fab were later incorporated.

The sentiment is appropriately upbeat for the Goel Ganga Miss Fab National Finale. Competing for the respective titles of Miss Fab, Mrs. Fabb and Mr. Fab are 48 contestants from various parts of the country. There is diversity among the contestants making the competition even more interesting. This ensemble of contestants is sure to create exhilaration in the picturesque location of Goa.

The Goel Ganga Miss Fab National Finale contestants are as follows:

Miss Category:

Nisha Sharma, Kajal Ojha, Christina Marie Joseph, Hinesha Sanjay Sonar, Jennifer Nair, Sheetal Saxena, Dr. Pallavi Sundar, Nidhi Bhatt, Pooja Kava, Bhavya Chauhan, Tamanna Bohra, Sriti Shaw, Kajal Rajoria, Apoorva Kawade, KashishRatani, and Cheslea Stewart

Mrs. Category:

Shanu Goyal, Shonu Jain, AnveshaGanorkar, Abhilasha Patil, Monica Nagarath, Payal Agarwal, Smita Ranjan Agarwal, Suwarna Santosh Thakur, Alia Dholkawala, Sangeeta Thakur, Rachana Tiwarii, Ranjana , Neha Singh and Shruti Saxena

Mr. Category:

Prashant Gupta, Shivansh Jadhav, Adarsh Pathak, Mohd. Shizan Sheikh, Karan Khiyani, Rohit Tiwari, Monish Ramdev, OjasvaChandrakar, Somesh Mishra, Devrath Perumal Nadaar, Abhinav S., PrathvirajShetty, Vivek Gousar, Dev Kukreja, Shakti Mahajan, TarunVundavalli, VedantDodmani, and Rounak Jain

The splendor of this 6-day Goel Ganga Miss Fab National finale will be enhanced by its magnificent array of partners who are experts in their domains. Here are some of the biggest names of the industry associated with this iconic saga in the pageantry world.

The exclusive title sponsor of this spectacular National Finale is the Real Estate baron, Goel Ganga Group, which is sure to bring its ethos of “Pure Delight” to this most anticipated event. Maintaining a naturally clean and fresh and glowing look is a given for the participants of this contest. To enhance this the beauty partner of the show is The Skin Story, known for its natural and result-oriented skin care products. The grooming partner for the dapper Mr. Fab contestants is The Beard Story, with its range of specially formulated products for men. The Miss Fab contestants carry herself with the augustness of a queen and the gentlemen with the stance of a king. To drape these queens and kings of the show in the most exquisite garments are the wardrobe partners of the show. The wardrobe partners of the show are Aishwarya Design Studio, BespokeWala, Mish Boutique, and Vikas Rathod. The contestants will be putting their best foot forward, the footwear partner for the show is Kanvas, known for their quirky and unique footwear designs. The hair and makeup of the contestants will be taken care of by the professional and efficient team of LTA School of Beauty.

Every participant of this show is a righteous winner in themselves. To reward these winners is the gifting partner – Pavitram Diamond Jewellery, known for their immaculate collection of jewelry.

Our smile is the exclusive signature of our happiness, the window to our confidence. It’s much more than just an expression it is the best accessory you can carry. To enrich the smiles and beauty of the contestants is the smile partner – Royal Dental Clinics, who are known for their Same-Day treatments including Dental Implants. To put up a show of this magnitude requires sound guidance and advice. This role was whole-heartedly performed by ELEMENTS (Roshan Oswal) whose role is significant in shaping this event.

To create everlasting memories of the show with their lenses, the photography partners of the event are  Vivek Khatri (Vivek Khatri Photography), Lenzation (Sourav and Koustav), YugendraBirud, Kartik Bhandar, Surjit Gaikwad, Nikhil Chourawar, and Nisar. Reminiscing the event through their cameras are the after movie partners, 24/7 Studio and AV Films, giving it a cinematic treat.

The young, dynamic, and talented choreographer – ViragDubal (Ukiyo Studio) will be sequencing a special number, which is sure to be a treat to the eyes. With a series of live performances and to keep the audience enthralled at the finale show, is the euphonic singer and vocalist, Kaushal G. Pithadiya. The official host and emcee for the show, who also promises to make these 6-days of the grand event interesting are Anchor Chirag Vithalani, with his enigmatic stage presence and witty responses.

An event so resplendent requires an equally impressive venue. The 6-day extravaganza is to be held at La Alphonso Marina Resort & Spa. Located on the Morjim beach in Goa, La Alphonso Marina Resort and Spa is renowned for its exclusive beach, modern facilities synthesized with relaxation and comfort.

The entire credit of managing, conceptualizing, and liaisoning the event goes to Yash Bhuptani and Vaishali Varma.

With a lineage of fabulous city-level finale shows, the Goel Ganga Miss Fab National Finale’s euphoria will be at its zenith. This 6-day amalgamation of beauty, passion, and diverse talent from across India will be a jollification of sorts. It is this pivotal moment that could change the trajectory of the lives of the 48 Goel Ganga Group Miss Fab, Mrs. Fab, and Mr. Fab contestants. The final countdown to the Goel Ganga Miss Fab National Finale extravaganza has begun. India will soon have its first national-level winners of Miss Fab, Mrs. Fabb, and Mr. Fabb.