Mumbai, Maharashtra [India]: Jyotsna Reddy is one of the notable personalities in the beauty industry. She became the youngest entrepreneur in south Asia to launch her cosmetic line twenty beauty. As a passionate philanthropist, she empowered so many women to chase their dreams and be confident in life. She is the epitome of kindness and grace. Here are 5 important lessons she taught us to get an essence of an inspiring and successful career :

  1. Get a balance of your professional and personal life

Jyotsna Reddy reckons it is very paramount to maintain equilibrium in allocating and prioritizing time to both work and personal life. She asserted that balancing various elements in life brings out positive energy to help an individual to grow and enhance their ability to work efficiently.

  1. Stand up for your notions, dreams and work towards for it

Jyotsna Reddy says Dreaming is just to affirm the impossibility to be a possibility. To make it a possibility, one should lay a foundation and action plan to reach the goal. If you believe you are right, no other person shall determine the worthiness of your judgment.

  1. Hard work is key to success

Pushing herself to unleash her true potential and having the determination of passion has enabled her to surpass challenging situations with ease. You need to be able to accept any challenges of any degree that takes to be successful.

  1. Don’t get any fear of failure near your door

Fear is anything you think that won’t be achieved easily. Thus, this notion has to be changed as it distorts the positive and optimistic mindset. Only if you believe in yourself, you can convince the world to believe in you.

  1. Age doesn’t determine Success as it’s just a number

Jyotsna Reddy started as a budding entrepreneur at the age of 18, while most of the youth find themselves struggling to choose their majors. She has proven if you want to do something, the universe will conspire you to achieve it. As she grew at age, her career elevated to much a higher level