Jaipur, Rajasthan [India] : Mukesh Gora was born in Jaipur (Rajasthan), India and has represented India as an MMA fighter worldwide. He specializes in Wushu and Kickboxing and has won gold, silver and bronze medals over the years.

Professional MMA fighter and Jaipur lad, Mukesh Choudhary (Gora), is set to create history with his acumen for contact sports. Currently ranked 9th among South Asian Pro Welterweights, Mukesh is soon going to be counted among the top level of MMA fighters, because he never stops practicing. So far, he has won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in various competitions in Wushu and Kickboxing.

This talented young man has had 7 wins in various championships and contests. The events where Mukesh has made a name for himself include – Asia Cup Championship, South Asian Games, World Championship, Asian Championship, Super Fight League and Matrix Fight Night. Mukesh was inducted into fitness and sports from a young age and he used to practice for hours every day because he wanted to make a career for himself out of sports. His family and friends have supported him through his long journey to sports stardom and now, Mukesh is ready to take the next jump, into the international arena of MMA.

A little bit about Wushu and Kickboxing.

It’s a Chinese hard and soft and complete martial art and a contact sport. In other words, Wushu is the correct term for kung-fu because they are essentially the same.

“Wushu” is the Chinese term for martial arts. In contemporary times, Wushu has become an international sport through the International Wushu Federation (IWUF), which every two years among other competitions.

As the name suggests, it involves both kicking and boxing! It is one of the most common and popular sports among MMA players. Kickboxing is a stand-up combat sport based on kicking and punching, historically developed from karate mixed with boxing.

Kickboxing is practised for self-defence, general fitness or as it generally the case contact sport!

Mixed Martial arts is a well known, yet dangerous sport. And in India, it’s gained popularity over the years.

This talented young man has over 7 wins in the various championships and contests listed below:

  • Asia Cup Championship
  • South Asian games
  • World championship
  • Asian championship
  • Super Fight League (SFL)
  • Matrix Fight Night (MFN)

A list of Mukesh Gora’s achievement at National level:

The year 2011 -6th West Zone Wushu Championship, Pune, Maharashtra | Silver|

The year 2012- Federation Cup, Rohtak, Haryana| Bronze|

The year 2012- 21st Senior National Wushu Championship, Jammu, JK |Bronze|

The year 2013- 7th West Zone Wushu Championship, Goa |Gold|

The year 2013- 22nd Senior National Wushu Championship, Jaipur, Rajasthan |Gold|

The year 2014- 23rd Senior National Wushu Championship, Patna |Silver|

The year 2015- 35th National Games, Kerala |Gold|

The year 2015 -24th   Senior National Wushu Championship, Chandigarh |Gold|

The year 2016 – 1st All India Inter-University Wushu  Championship, Patiala |Gold|

The year 2016- 25th Senior National Wushu Championship, Ranchi, Jharkhand| Gold

The year 2017- 26th  Senior National Wushu Championship, Assam Rifles, Shillong, Meghalaya |Gold|

Not only in National level, Mukesh Gora also achieved at the international level:

The year 2014 – One month of advanced training course in Wushu, China

The year 2015- 13th   World Wushu Championship, Jakarta, Indonesia |Participate|

The year 2015- 5th Pars Cup International Wushu Championship, Tehran, Iran| Silver|

The year 2016 -9th Asian Wushu Championship, Taiyuan city, Taiwan |Participate|

The year 2016 – 12th south Asian games, Shillong, India |Silver|

The year 2016- One month of advanced training course in Wushu, China

The year 2017 – One month of advanced training course in Wushu, China

The year 2017- 1st Asian Sanda cup, Guangzhou, China |Silver|

With this much experience, it is no doubt that Mukesh Gora is on his way to the top level of MMA fighters. And rightly so, he is ranked 9th out of 65 active South Asian Pro welterweights!